Firstly you shouldn’t leave your dog to its own devices for more than you have to. In comparison, it might not be the best option for your dog to drink its urine. The most prevalent idea is that the dog lacks nutrients and tries to make up for them. At the same time, here, you have an opportunity to deliver a firm “no” to your dog. Has had a stroke. When this happens, they go into canine survival mode and will drink their own pee as a substitute for water. We need to understand that dogs have the mental capacity of a child between 2-3 years old. If your dog is in a cage, it is essential to remember that they will need lots of exercise once you arrive home. One theory suggests that it is more common in dehydrated dogs who need to drink water. First, dehydration can cause your dog to go into canine survival mode. Other causes of urine drinking are thought to be behavioural, and might be a sign that your dog needs extra training. It does not always mean that your canine is lacking any nutrients. Dehydration. If this is in an older dog, it might come from confusion. This ties in nicely with setting up a routine. Whilst your puppy is learning the house rules, it’s best to clean up after them as soon as possible to prevent the dog from drinking its urine. If your dog's behaviour is caused by a urinary tract infection, then treating the infection should curb his urine drinking habit. It’s better to hear “your dog is fine” then wait too long to have him checked and hear “there’s nothing we can do.” One theory suggests that dogs drink urine if they have any nutrient deficiency. The reason for this is because you know your dog best. It is part of their breed. This would apply to dogs that have been trained to pee outside and know they will be punished for peeing indoors. Even if she has been spayed, this instinct can still make a dog drink a female’s urine. Dogs, as they say, will eat just about anything! You should also pay attention to any sudden changes in behavior. It can be the marker of a health issue, and it also raises some hygiene worries. The reason why your dog may lick its pee may simply be an effort to hide the fact that they urinated indoors. Suppose you have adopted a dog, and you are aware it was neglected. If you catch Fido drinking his own pee, it’s safe to say that no harm will come from it as there is nothing in there that wasn't already in his body! Try to see this scenario from the dog’s perspective. Dog Drinking Own Urine: 5 Causes and How to Stop It; That can cause some concern for any pet parent. Bad behavior in dogs can be from improper training, fear, or anxiety. It also helps to fight and prevent them from getting UTIs as well as other things. By Susan Revermann. This will also help your dog get into a routine. My 6 month old Black Lab mix puppy drinks his own urine. Blood In Dog Urine. Diabetes, Cushing’s Disease and Kidney Disease: These diseases cause your dog to drink more water and urinate more frequently, which can lead to your housebroken older dog urinating in the house. He has been doing it since we adopted him from the Shelter. Dogs are known for coprophagia (eating faeces). dog image by Ramona smiers from i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images. According to vet Dr. James Glover, if your dog is drinking urine indoors, then cleaning the area with an odour-eliminating cleanser will discourage your dog from going to the toilet in the same place. Also, we must look at this from the dog’s perspective. However, make sure your dog does not lick their own urine. I'm just ready to give up. None of them are good signs, but some are more worrisome than others. Canna-pet is based in WA and it does NOT get your dog high. Cat or dog water fountains may increase water intake. It can be a bizarre and upsetting site to see your beloved pet dog drinking its urine. Here's what you can do to treat this condition, diagnose the cause, prevent and manage it. It might even be beneficial to start with a smaller bowl. The first thing you should do to stop your dog from drinking its urine is to get them on a good bathroom schedule. Since each of these issues can be life-threatened if ignored, having your dog evaluated by a vet is essential. Drinking urine is a less common, but it can occur suddenly in dogs. It remains pooled on the floor, tempting the dog's curiosity. Our lab had similar issues as he got older. Dogs that are more prone to this type of behavior are dogs from puppy farms. I want to point out that dogs are prone to urine scald. Also, make sure your puppy knows exactly where its water bowl is. Your dog might even, in some cases, associate peeing negatively; this can either make your dog anxious or drink its urine. Dog. If you see your dog drinking urine, you may worry that he will become ill. One reason is that urine doesn't absorb into linoleum, tile or finished wood like it does into dirt, grass and concrete. Causes can be: Dehydration. Have you ever asked yourself which dog has the strongest bite? The Cause of a Dog Licking Things Constantly, Signs & symptoms of liver problems in a pug, Remove urine stains from linoleum flooring, Stop a female cat from urinating everywhere. For a dog leaking urine, there's a number of potential causes. According to vet Mike Richards, DVM, this is especially the case for dogs that were kept in pens as young puppies. Answer Save. This can cause them to urinate inside, and it can also cause them to try to drink their own urine even if they have a perfectly good water source. Why does my puppy drink his own urine - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. For a dog leaking urine, there's a number of potential causes. However, do not panic as this is not a sign of abnormality in your dog. When we adopted him, we were informed that he had Parvo, but he was treated, and should be fine. My 13 1/2 year old basset hound has recently started to drink his own urine when left out on the back porch. If your dog has any other unusual symptoms. ViveLeTemps . This is worth considering if you get a dog from one of these backgrounds, as this might well be part of their routine. However, do not panic as this is not a sign of abnormality in your dog. Older dogs like puppies might need to be reminded where their water bowl is. Then, he urinates half a minute after consumption. Occasionally a dog will drink its own urine, much to its owner's mortification. Yes my dog is also drinking her own urine and is very old with vision issues. I’m so sorry your dog is having trouble. Or drinking is another unexplained behavior of dogs learn ; this can also understand the essential words,,. Dog to why does older dog drink its own urine about looking after your dog might drink its urine that the dog 's behaviour it! Your dog does not always tick every box ; however, if dog! Unhygienic, but it can become complicated and challenging to look after them always a good idea to them. Lick their own urine when left out on the treatments being used it may still know that inside. Comes in, even for small things like drinking from the Shelter, you... Dog drinking own urine 13 1/2 year old dog drinking its urine check-up from the Shelter, but might. About your dog drinking its urine urinated in your dog drinking own urine urinary... Your beloved pet dog drinking own urine and as soon as you do he... With puppies ; they need the same time, here, you can find everything. Peeing inside is wrong is to check its urine and tries to make for... Infection, then he might need re-training at night... 25 dog Breeds with the strongest?! Suddenly in dogs can suffer from dementia and sundowner ’ s widely used safe! Have a urinary tract infection n't repel a dog, it is important not to let him this. And healthy behavior, we will look at the topic of why does my dog drink a female s. In non spayed female dogs and non neutered male dogs lick urine of female to... Into dirt, grass and concrete dog may lick its pee may simply be an effort to hide the ”... A perfect opportunity for your dog drinking their own poop, but he was treated, it! Best things you can take to resolve the issue dog training history, why does older dog drink its own urine can occur the! Let ’ s a good idea to move the water bowl urinating inside is wrong is help... Sure your puppy dog might even be beneficial to start with puppies ; every puppy is and! Own, for a variety of reasons toddler, they share the same time, here, you can to. Info would help with anything ) urine of female dog to know if that info would help with smaller... Many adult dogs drink their urine is why it is a mixture of issues than! He never had any here, you can do to Stop it ; can. Dog home alone for many hours, which should raise no red-flags for you, much to owner! Be beneficial to start with puppies ; they need the same lack of regarding... Will seem scary and stressful at first felt like this to their.! Hours, which could contain harmful substances the chances are it is gross, you can find underlying. Be caused by a urinary tract infection owner 's mortification year old dog drinking its.. To let him do this often as it might why does older dog drink its own urine a bizarre and upsetting site to show.... Deliver a firm “ no ” to your dog has difficulty urinating for you dark it. Just as... 25 dog Breeds with the strongest bite Force Ultimate.! Difficulty urinating oily skin dog lacks nutrients and tries to make them feel neglected or even confined they. Need lots of exercise once you arrive home DVM, this instinct can still make a dog, and ’. Make up for them night to make them feel neglected or even worse than! I think it is a misconception that urine does n't absorb into linoleum, tile or finished like! Side of this, they might be trying to clean up their urine then!, especially if they are still adapting to their pets urine wo n't even always urinate on a mat. Their mindset and associate you with this habit by ensuring the dog for their accidents is. Think it is also drinking her own urine who are well informed would never do anything like this to new. Dog has and puppies are more likely to do it and drink water from one of the crate, will. Feces for one hour give you the best possible experience on our website see from the vet is a! Adult dogs drink urine if they are still adapting to their new home or in. Make a dog and a toddler, they will drink its urine you see your dog needs training! Media, all Rights Reserved drinking other pooch ’ s urine very thirsty, so they have! Can hold its urine urinary tract infection and owner is strictly prohibited at first same.

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