There is help out there, though, if you know where to look. Please visit the following web site, which has some great information about allergies and what you can do so you are able to keep your cat - Surrendering a cat that is spayed/neutered but is not current on its vaccines, the minimum cost of care incurred by Ten Lives Club is $166.00. If the cat that is being aggressive is one you have recently adopted, you may have little choice about returning her to the shelter. Cats cannot fend for themselves as many people think. We realize that pet owners sometimes have to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender their pet for a variety of reasons. Rehoming your pet Many services are available to help you find a new home for your pet rather than take them to a shelter. Surrender fees (per appointment): $60 first animal (dog/cat) $60 for second animal (dog/cat) $25 for small animal/pocket pet $100 per litter (under 4 months) Please bring any veterinary records you have to the shelter when you come to surrender. Cats won’t use a particularly dirty litter box, and they prefer one that has only their scent. Change up your litter. Have there been changes in the household? This time of year is kitten season and entire litters are … A good way to start is to ask friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and everybody you know if they are willing to give your cat a home. Do not blame the shelter employees for the death of your former pet. If you can prove you’ve maintained the value of your rental, despite having pets, you’re much more likely to find a tolerant landlord. And the ease of access is important to them, too. It is much better for them to recuperate at home AND maybe you will find them a new home while they are recovering! There aren’t enough of them. We can provide you with a carrier to transport the cat safely. Your cat will go to its death believing that any minute you'll be back because you were always there for it in the past. This is unfair to rescue personnel who will do whatever it takes, and spend money they don’t really have, to take care of your sick animal. will assess your situation on a case by case basis to see if we can help. We can only take a cat if we have an open foster space and the funds for medical and general care. Donating is NOT a requirement and the amount of your gift, if any, will have no bearing on … It breaks my heart that people can do such things yo living creatures who have the purest hearts. Thanks for reading! Your cat must be contained – please do not carry your cat to us. Before surrendering a pet to Animal Friends, we encourage you to consider our Home-to-Home Adoption program. Cats who don’t feel well can become irritable, taking their misery out on their housemates. Friends and family - including circulating an email flyer, if possible, asking friends and family to take the cat themselves or to forward the flyer on to their contacts. Even with good care at our shelter, many senior cats will refuse to eat and develop liver disease or other serious problems. Found Wildlife or an Exotic Animal (Non-Dog or Cat)? Some cats are adopted within a week while others stay with us for months until the perfect home can be found. Please call or e-mail Cat Guardians if you need to surrender a cat adopted from Cat Guardians. A cat is usually classified as a "senior" when it is 10 years or older. Thanks! Many will take back any animal they adopted out. Classy Cats will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. Making the decision to rehome your pet is a difficult one. Post this flyer at all the vets' offices in your area. Animal Humane Society may be able to help you keep your pet at home or there may be alternative re-homing options to consider. Full information, including hours of operation and location, can be found here. Surrendering a Cat or Kitten. This one’s a heartbreaker. For advice on common problems, please call our hotline at 508-540-5654 or look at our Cat Owner Resources page. If you are considering giving up your pet, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can learn more about your pet and why you might be considering rehoming them. Just as in real estate, it’s location, location, location. Rescue members have tons of cumulative experience with cat behavior. No surrenders on Weekends or Public Holidays Making an appointment to surrender your pet helps us plan ahead, while reducing stress and time spent in the shelter. Surrendering or Rehoming a Cat Rehome Your Cat with Adopt-A-Pet for Free We partner with & the Petco Foundation to provide local residents with a quick and easy way to rehome their kitty to an approved, loving new family. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is able to bring in to the shelter owner surrender chickens, rabbits, hamsters/gerbils, and birds, provided they are in appropriate housing and will follow regular current owner surrender guidelines regarding City residency and applicable fees. If you do not receive a confirmation within 72 hours please notify us at If the cat is current on their shots and flea treatment, this is helpful as well. RESOURCE LINKS: DOWNLOADABLE VERSION HERE. every shelter is overwhelmed with kittens. It is also very difficult to find an adopter. The least we can do is provide them a safe, loving home for a lifetime. No, the cat isn’t doing it out of spite, but out of confusion. Surrendering a pet can be an incredibly difficult decision. What a wonderful site! Cat Guardians » Resources » Surrendering a Cat. The nominal surrender fee we require will help us to care for your pet. Should that not work, and if finances allow, see if you can board your feline for a week or two while you look. Call our hotline - 508-540-5654 - to speak to a … Please complete the surrender form and attach a current photograph for the quickest response. Surrendering a cat to Classy Cats. Be considerate, though, set a time limit and communicate that limit to your friend. If you have not already done so please call (912) 354-9515 x107 to make an appointment. Cats won’t use a particularly dirty litter box, and they prefer one that has only their scent. Paws and Prayers requires a surrender fee to help cover the costs of supplies and medical care of your pet. If you can't take your cat with you, please call us as soon as possible as it can take weeks to get space at the shelter for your cat. I could never surrender my cats, but I’m a cat momma all the way. According to statistics, only one cat in every 10 that is born will ever find a home. Adoptions & Shop. If you have a dog or cat that you can no longer care for, you can surrender your animal to us at either a shelter or one of our branches. How it works – surrendering to our shelter: You must make an appointment before bringing your animal to our shelter Even if your doctor finds that you have an allergy, don't give up your pet too quickly! Many organizations started out providing help to anyone who asked, only to have people adopt more pets and expect assistance for them as well. Don’t surrender a sick cat. Do a little experimenting and see which works best for your feline. They provide love and companionship and don’t ask for much in return. TURN YOUR OVERWEIGHT FUR…. Do not advertise your cat as "free to a good home.". Please attempt to re-home your kitty with friends or family first. For a small fee of $50, we will find a new home for your pet. Surrendering a Cat. And, if aggression is a problem, ALWAYS make sure they’re safely apart when the house is empty. This program was developed to help families who need to make the difficult decision to rehome their beloved pets, but wish to take a more active role in the adoption process. If you can offer a donation to a rescue, it will make a huge difference. We accept cash and major credit cards only. RSPCA - they have a ‘no euthanasia’ policy but there is a waiting list. KEEP YOUR DOG OR CAT SAFE AT…, PETS AND THE HOLIDAYS. A new home will require some adjustment, but it is easier on them than a noisy shelter. If there are constant squabbles among your felines over the litter box, they may start to avoid the area.

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