With our cutting edge technology, marble resurfacing is a quick and dust free process. What is The Cost and Price of Marble Tiles? • Unlike stone materials, homogeneous tile do not need to be sealed or polished. } Marble/Tiles/Granite Pricing Tables Transparent pricing with no hidden charges. ... China Turkey Singapore Viet Nam Italy Iran UK Germany Egypt USA Prev Next Page:1/100. Marble tiles pricing in Singapore can range from $5 to $20 per square foot and that is without the installation fees. Homogeneous tiles are normally available in the following sizes, given in millimetres: 200×200, 300×300, 300×600, 600×600, and so on and so forth. Welcome! Is Natural Marble Flooring and Tiles Right For My Home. We have offered some products on sale to meet your budgets and needs. value for money. those who like their space to look expensive, marble is an absolute As a wall and floor tiles supplier in Singapore, diModa aims to provide the best quality of products which are imported from the international brand - Kajaria Eternity. }); About Us; Portfolio; PRODUCTS. Our marble gum regrouting process can help solve this problem. Marble is a natural stone caused by the metamorphic crystallization of … Additionally, marble is actually extremely You may simply contact us, provide us with the surface area you want tiled and the type of tiles you have in mind, and we will give you the estimate. in large doses, which is why it is often used on countertops, walls, tiles and The price of flooring will also vary according to the grade, rarity of color etc. is exactly where you want it to be. }); Hafary. $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: scroll.top - 80 }, 'slow'); In the event that you will need to replace a portion of your marble flooring or tiles, the tonality will remain the same. Alpine Grigio Enquire Now Arabesque Enquire Now Ariston Enquire Now Asian Yellow Enquire Now ... Singapore 539406 Enquiry: honglee@honglee.com.sg. M ark A shley’s Call or WhatsApp: +65 97876343. spruce up the look of your flooring, take a look at some of the advantages when Some might say tiles are the staple of each home. To make sure that your marble flooring beforeSend: function() { Composition Ceramic tiles are made from clay or silicates which are fired at high temperatures. which stimulates the actual installation in the house. There are several factors that affect the pricing of marble tiles. Marble Look; Mosaic; Pattern; Peranakan; Quartz; Single Color; Stone; Subway; Terracotta / Klinker Tiles; Tiles; Woodgrain ... Lian Seng Hin Trading Co Pte Ltd (LSH) is one of the leading tile supplier in Singapore. natural light from windows and balconies) as seen by unit owners. Established in 1980, Hafary is the leading supplier of premium tiles, … Items purchased in big volumes may also be offered on special discounts. great addition to any home, a timeless surface that will add a touch of luxury HOW WE WORK. The first one is cutting before grinding, which is mainly used to process products of small size.