Donkey Kong Countr 2: The Lost Levels is a hackrom from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest game created by a fan of the game. DK COIN: Past the last two Shuris, use Enguarde's Super Dash to find the Hero Coin before the water drains away. About the FAQ Welcome to my DKC2 DK Coin FAQ. See More Board Posts Post a … DK COIN: Swim down to the right of the last Clapper, get the "!" Normally, when you turn on the game and select a save file, your Banana Coin count resets to 0, but with this hack, the count will be whatever it was the last time you saved. As Squawks, you must race Screech to the end of his level in first place (you can fly right through the pesky parrot without being harmed). Krook: Krook throws his boomeranging hooked hands to try and hit you. Publisher: Nintendo; Genre: Action Platformer; Release: Not Set; ESRB: Not Set; Hints. : Right below the start. "N": Blast to the second Normal Barrel Cannon after the Continue Barrel, right after a pair of Bananas. To do this successfully, leap into the Barrel Cannon just as the letter appears on the Exit Target. hellogreatman, Sep 6, 2006 Take it to the Bonus Kannon and there you go! TO COMPLETE: Wipe out every baddie in the passage and the Kremkoin is yours! Exit through the one to get blasted to a part in the ship where there is a lot of bananas and two If he's facing away from you (or if you're below him or far enough away from him), he can't see you, and he can't attack what he can't see. Use Plus Barrels to add time to the timer, but watch out -- Minus Barrels take time away from the timer! If the stage you're in was previously completed, use Start, then Select to get out of the level. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Cheats. "G": Beware of four Kaboings and Kannon's barrels when nabbing this last letter, at the top of a stack of several giant barrels. This is based of the Game Boy Advance remake's intro, which can be viewed here: . In the first level of the game, play until you get Rambi. Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/30/2016 Highest Rated Guide. Now look to your left to find two or three Bananas above the water's edge. TO COMPLETE: Feel your way to the Kremkoin in the dark labyrinth. At certain times, you can use the wind to your advantage, but use extreme caution when doing so. Lost World's Bonus Barrels have DK Coins instead of Kremkoins, and only one per stage. This thread is archived. A Red Balloon awaits you when you pass the "No Enguarde" Sign. Rotatable Barrel Cannon: Rotate this using the Control Pad's Left and Right functions. "G": On grabbing this, prepare to squeeze below three more Zingers! It is the sequel to the original Donkey Kong Country, and the predecessor to Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!.It takes … Cranky goes up to him and complains how he never took breaks, \"whisking off maidens and thr… DK COIN: After Bonus Area 2, dispatch the level's final pair of Neeks, and you'll find a vertical line of four Bananas. BONUS AREA 1: Squash the three Click-Clacks, then climb up until you see a Kaboing to your left. Don't hit a closed gate, or your roller coaster ride will be over! Harpoon him with your swordfish bill and get your goodies! If you landed in front of the Exit Target, walk right until you hit an invisible barrier, then make a short hop to break an invisible DK Barrel! left, and whip out that helicopter thing. If you've lost Rattly, you can get him back here. Stand between these two objects, then jump and throw your monkey straight up through an arrow of Bananas. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate. Crocodile Cauldren and this warp will help you beat it and if you are going Don't be afraid to use Dixie to hold the Kannonball, as she will be protected from the twin Click-Clacks if you're quick. underneath the platform as if you're committing suicide. If you fire downward left, blast downward right and then upward right. Cranky Head: Shows where a "Monkey Museum" is placed. Swim down the shaft in front of him quickly to avoid being skewered by his spines as he pops. Team Throw your partner up and over the first pair of Zingers WITHOUT JUMPING, then jump and throw over the other two. These are all 40 DK Coins in Donkey Kong Country 2. BONUS AREA 2: Only Squitter can get this. The pillars are followed by two mor… "N": When you jump to the rope cluster after the one with the level's third arrow formation of Bananas, grab the "N" at the bottom quickly! Tire: Unlike the smaller Tires of DKC, these titanic Tires of "Jungle Jinx" will push you backward or crush you if you don't land directly on top of them. They made their last appearance in DK: Jungle Climber. To check how many D.k. RAMBI CRATE: Right out in the open. "O": Don't sink with the Krochead underneath this letter! Use the Control Pad to direct your trusty blue swordfish's movements, and press either B or Y to attack a bad guy with his sword-nose (he defends his front himself without any buttons, but not against every enemy), and hold A to charge up his brand-new Super Dash, which will, when A is released, break open hidden Bonus Area doors (and any enemy in his path) in one giant jab! BONUS AREA 2: See "G". The Y Button enables Rambi to use his signature horn attack on a baddie, but he'll defend his front by himself without the Y Button. Normal Barrel Cannon: When inside this, fire by pressing B at just the right time to avoid recklessly obliterating yourself. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. This is how you get all 75 Kremcoins At Once in the first level of Donkey Kong 2 Its Not a cheat or glitch just a mere short cut. with some bannana's in the shape of an "!". You can also use the TNT Barrel provided to block one of his shots or even hit both him and his barrel at the same time. If you turn the Pink Kruncha red, he charges at you much faster than the Blue Kruncha does! "N": Sometimes covered up by one of two Click-Clack-throwing Kloaks, you should get rid of these two ghostly goons first, then toss your partner up to the "N" when it's safe. Arrow Barrel Cannon: Launches you automatically in the direction it points in. It's done this way: Go to K.Rool's cabin. Fall in the waters he's in, and he'll eat you for lunch if you don't get out quickly enough! Jump to: navigation, search. "G": Platform webs or Team Throws will work here, but take care of Kruncha first, or you will suffer for your ignorance and naivety! Posts: 13/14 Since: 2012-06-05 05:01:48 PM Location: Brasil Last seen: 3 years, 8 months and 6 days ago Link; Posted on 2017-02-21 12:31:24 AM; Gostaria de estar aqui divulgando … Another Rambi exists in Bonus Area 2. "N": Careful flying will earn you this letter! Use caution if they move around! Banana: Get a free life by eating 100 of these! "O": Have Rambi horn the Zinger above it before attempting any letter capture. At the gameplay select screen highlight the Cheat Mode option and press Y, A, SELECT, A, DOWN, LEFT, A, DOWN. The Lost World Bonus Stages have DK Coins instead of Kremkoins, and defeating Kaptain K. Rool in Krocodile Kore awards the last DK Coin of the game.. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Share. Get the barrel and get Squitter. Klubba: The colossal Kremling guardian of "Klubba's Kiosk", Klubba plays a vital role in your mission. Thanks. The letter is positioned at the lower end of the middle vertical rope. 4.1 Category Rules; 5 Misc; Any% Category Rules . Neek: Small squeaking rats who walk toward you. 6:21. Enter " WEAKLING " as a cheat code. Krooks and Flitters are also somewhat comm… The guide includes more information than is available in this FAQ, and color detailed maps of every level. Printer Friendly Version. TO COMPLETE: Collect all the Stars without falling off the ropes or running out of time, then climb up and right to locate the Kremkoin. Location of the first Bonus Area. When you reach the "No Rambi" Sign, you'll obtain a Green Balloon as your reward! That is the hardest level in Kruncha: Jump attack this muscular tough guy, and he'll turn a bright red, get mad, and run around rapidly for a short time, hurting any Kong who touches him in any way during that time. Hey everyone! BONUS AREA 1: Cartwheel Jump or Helicopter Spin to the right off the starting platform until you grab a rope cluster. It is the second instalment of the Donkey Kong Country series and serves as a direct sequel to Donkey Kong Country.It was re-released for the … THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST GUIDE version 1.1, 1-2. See Bonus Area 1 for how to get to the Bonus Kannon. TEAM-UP: Press A to put the secondary Kong on the shoulders of the Kong you're currently using. WARNING!!! Avoid hitting the next patrolling Zinger as you swoop down to get the letter. In my opinion, DKC2 is … You can order it directly from Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700 (for $13.00 including shipping and handling). Go back and the two kloaks will be there again. This is BlueBandit, and below I have posted the newest video in my Let's Play of DKC2. The Gray versions rapidly jump toward you, while the Green Kaboings prefer to lie in wait, slowly springing toward you upon catching sight of you. Watch your step while you do this dangerous stunt! The Yellow Zinger can't stand projectiles, as usual, but it is totally impossible to defeat a Red Zinger (who looks bright orangish to me)! Not every Flitter needs to be crushed for you to find the token. BONUS AREA 3: Though you can get this Bonus Area in the manner described in "N", what if you have no buddy anymore? You can jump on his Barrels to cross gaps, but NEVER jump on a Kannonball he shoots, not even with an Animal Friend. Helicopter Spin or Cartwheel Jump (preferably the latter) to the right, underneath the sail Rattly's crate is resting on. "N": As the water rises past the Continue Barrel, dodge Jetsam and cruise up and right. Pressing Y will make him shoot attack webs in a straight line that can knock out most enemies, including Yellow Zingers! This page contains Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Hints for Super Nintendo called "99 banana coins" and has been posted or updated on Sep 6, 2006 by … To activate cheat mode, enable the Music Test, then press Down repeatedly until Cheat Mode appears. When you get Enguarde, feel along the right wall of Enguarde's chamber to find a fake wall leading to a Banana Bunch. TO COMPLETE: Use Squitter (who can be found here if you lost him before you came in here) to make platform webs up and right to find the Kremkoin. RUN: Hold down Y while walking to run or help you jump faster. Unfortunately, Kabooms (Red Klobbers) sometimes hide inside these explosive Barrels! Even Rattly can't jump on Kutlass until he exposes his head. Sort: Normal ^ - Won By - Points - Title . BONUS AREA 2: The level's only arrow of Bananas points to it. If you hit the lower Zinger by mistake, use a careful Helicopter Spin to glide under him and reach the other side unhurt. Press A again to dismount. There are more spikes ahead of here, and a pair of tall pillars stand above them, with one Zinger on each. View Kremcoin total: Repeatedly press L, R at the map screen until a screen with Cranky's score and coin total appears. All Games » SNES » ~Hack~ Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels ~Hack~ Donkey Kong Country 2: The Lost Levels (SNES) Developer: LucasRangel : Publisher: Hack - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest: Genre: Platfomer: First released: 2016: Achievements There are 28 achievements worth 550 (1414) points. right you'll be in an invisible barrel and blasted across to the end of the Kaboing: With springy peg legs, Kaboings jump toward you in different patterns. Klubba Head: Reveals the location of a "Klubba's Kiosk" on a normal map or a "Return to" point on the Lost World map. save. The faster you run, the higher and farther you can jump. From here, do a jumping Team Throw up and right to grip the hook. : Go past the first Krook, then do a midair Helicopter Spin jump to get here. TO COMPLETE: Use the Zingers as stepping stones to reach the Kremkoin at the end of the area. In essence, the game felt not like an action game of me versus the computer, but a … This means to charge up Enguarde's Super Dash as you point your bill at the lone Banana on your right, then crash through the giant crate in front of you. Rambi the Rhinoceros: Charging out of DKC1 to join the fight again, Rambi the Rhino, a real heavyweight, can flatten most enemies with his jump attack. Kirby Super Star Ultra. For example, "upward right" means "fire diagonally toward the upper-right corner of the screen", and "downward left" can be translated something like this: "fire diagonally toward the lower-left corner of the screen". Shoot upward right from here, launching yourself downward right soon after. "G": Bag the Blue Balloon all the way to the right of the Exit Target with an upwards Team Throw, then pick up the Crate below the Blue Balloon and smash the last Zinger with it. Fall to the ground at the start of the level as usual, then walk until you come to the the part where the water rises. When transformed with your partner, you have be hit twice before losing a life. "O": As soon as you see barrels flying toward you from the right side of the screen, go right and disarm the Kannon firing them with a knock on his noggin. See “To Complete” under Bonus Area 2 to see how to win the Kremkoin. "K": Wait for the Flitter to swoop underneath the "K" before stepping on him. If you did it David Walter Anthony), copyright (c)2016 SECTION I: GENERAL. CARTWHEEL ATTACK (DIDDY ONLY): As in DKC1, use Y to Cartwheel Attack enemies. Use a Team Throw or a jump from Rattly to get to your destination. In Krazy Kremland, at the very beginning of the level "Hornet Hole", let the other character climb on your back. … Note: No Kremkoins are needed to cross Klubba's bridge. Banana Coin: Enough of these will help you when visiting the Kong Klan. leave, follow him. Use the Dixie Barrel to shoot back into the fray. As its name suggests, Squawks's Shaft features Squawks the Parrot, who makes his in-game level debut. Its prizes are either a banana, Banana Bunch, or a Banana Coin Enemies . … Donkey Kong Country 2. No Dk or Half-way Barrels During Game: Enter ‘ROCKARD’ as a code. THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST GUIDE version 1.1 (for Super Nintendo Entertainment System) by Davy Jones (a.k.a. Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass The "No Squawks" Sign will transform your fine feathered friend into a Banana Bunch. TO COMPLETE: Use the DK Barrel and the Kannonballs to crush your foes and get the Kremkoin at the top. Introduction II. MAJOR TIP: You don't need the last Rotatable Barrel to get the Kremkoin. There are 30+ soundtracks to listen to. In Pirate Panic, go into K.Rool's cabin (don't collect the balloon) and then leave. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (スーパードンキーコング2 ディクシー&ディディー, Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie & Diddy in Japan) is a platformer game developed by Rareware and released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. 6:52. Enter ‘RICHMAN’ as a cheat code. If a sideways Team Throw fails and your buddy lands on the ground, quickly run over him/her to get that Kong to snap to it before an enemy touches him/her! In this game, there was a very useful cheat usable on the first stage to obtain all the Kremkoins at once, and get a lot of game % complete. Exit Target: Land with enough height and timing onto the target itself to win one of the prizes displayed on its tall pole! You'll be blasted into the Bonus Barrel immediately. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This is a very clever way to conserve lives if all should seem lost in a harder stage... A. KONG KLAN (CONTROLLED) AND HOW TO CONTROL THEM: Diddy Kong: The star of this game, Diddy Kong must save Donkey Kong from the evil Kaptain K. Rool. Swanky Kong: LADIES AND GENTLEMONKEYS, WELCOME TO SWANKY KONG'S #1 GAME SHOW: SWANKY'S BONUS BONANZAAAAA!!! BONUS AREA 1: At the letter "O", hit the lower Klampon to get a Chest safely, then destroy the upper Klampon with the Chest to get the Kannonball. If you spin off a ledge and then jump in the direction you wish to go, you'll perform the Spin Jump! Method Two: take the upper-left Barrel Cannon chain until you end up in a four-way Barrel Cannon that can aim at a line of Bananas on the upper-left as well as the letter "O" on the lower-right. If you enjoyed it, please go here to watch the rest, and also don't forget to subscribe! : Simple: swim right til the water rises, then carefully swim left, keeping the ceiling above you on-screen, until you find the invisible Warp Barrel in a small niche near the start of the level. DK Barrels break apart instantly when thrown, but in midair, are impossible to break when empty. Each metamorphosis lasts only a few seconds, so be quick in crossing to the other side... Squawks the Parrot (Green): Leaving the flashlight-holding business to Glimmer (we'll get to him later), Green Squawks, bigger than ever in size, can now pick YOU up in his talons indefinitely (even if he gets hit) and fly you to a level's exit until he hits a No Animal Sign! Throw them Up and Left to find a hidden hook. BONUS AREA 1: At the beginning ledge, do a jumping Helicopter Spin right off the edge to find the Bonus Barrel. Have Rambi use his Super Charge and break down the wall! Now we have 1 cheats in our list, which includes 1 password. Rattly the Rattlesnake: You thought Winky could jump high? hide. In the Crocodile Cauldron in the level before Kleever's Kiln, from the Once on the right side again, go up to get the Kannonball on the upper sail and continue on your quest. 6:49. I would examine my American v1.1 ROM of DKC2, and create an address map and a disassembly, but I have deferred the start of the examination until I make more progress with Mario Paint. If I would hack DKC2, then my most useful resources would be an address map and a disassembly. 2) Immediately exit the cabin. "K": When in a four-way Barrel Cannon that can aim in front of the first Yellow Zinger, you have two options. DK COIN: At the start of Bonus Area 1, do a Helicopter Spin Jump to the right to find it. Find them all (one per regular level) to win him over! Congratulations -- you've found it! DON'T FOLLOW THE BANANAS!!! After freeing Squawks, hit the B button to latch onto him, and use the Control Pad to guide your flight. Deal with him first, then dash off this stack (or the edge of the lower deck) at top speed, jumping in midair as you fall to find your Hero Coin, marked by a lone Banana hidden in the wreckage. You can nab this letter without the "!" Developer: Rare Ltd. From DKC Speedruns. If a Kloak is Kloaking the "N" upon being nailed by a Team Throw, you'll get the letter automatically. "K": Avoid both Snapjaw and any Click-Clacks you didn't defeat before now as you Cartwheel or Spin Jump to the letter "K". Once you've done this, walk through the honey without sticky feet. Catchday. This Barrel is to the right of a three-Banana vertical line. Can he become a video game hero in Cranky Kong's eyes? Latest Board Posts a new cheat for Super Mario Bros. 3 ⌊ by lamile on Jul 03. It helps to have a guide handy… TO COMPLETE: Find the right path to the Kremkoin in a giant maze of Barrel Cannons! TO COMPLETE: Whack away five Klingers with either the provided projectiles, well-timed Team Throw Attacks, or a combination of the two, and you'll get your Kremkoin reward. By Adrian Iglesias Sep 24, 2020. The impact from the TNT Barrel causes a fiery explosion which will take out any other enemy who does so much as touch its fire before it dissipates. Swim right to find the Hero Coin, but be quick in getting back out or Snapjaw will turn you into a monkey snack once you lose your invulnerability! TO COMPLETE: Fly Squawks to the end of the passage. All the latest Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies, achievements, FAQs, trainers and savegames for SNES. Any attack can take him out. If you are unfamiliar with Game Genie or Pro Action Replay (PAR) cheats and how to use them - fear not! You'll see what I mean in "Ghostly Grove" and "Klobber Karnage"! E6EE-A7D7 + 6DAF-12EB + 6D8D-C33E/ E6EE-A7D7 + 6DA4-1A8B + 6D8F-C33E … TO COMPLETE: Break the Chests on the Red Zinger until you find the Kremkoin (you have ten seconds to get it). To best the Dark Green version quickly without a Team Throw, let him blitz toward you, jump over him, then repeat the process until his swords end up lodged in the ground after his final charge (he'll jerk his swords back up too quickly otherwise). Kleever: Whoa. Be careful... RAMBI CRATE: Past the first Green Krochead (watch out, he sinks), beyond the level's first Zinger. Take the bottom route until you can't do so anymore (seven Barrel Cannons in a row), then shoot to the upper-left twice. Now start the game. Enguarde the Swordfish: Your underwater ally for most levels, Enguarde is capable of defeating ANY water-dwelling enemies (even those like Klomp who walk in water). Are you in a three-way Barrel Cannon with the thorns to your lower-right? You'll get a floating Kremcoin in the air. After you get them and go right, "G": Grab the "!" [DKC2]Many DK coins in Barrel Bayou(With codes) Ricardo Anderson. Then press 'R' again and jump and throw the kong up and left. "O": Protected by two Klampons guarding the Chest with the Kannonball inside it. level that blasts you onto the bullseye. Misfires will slow you down. Clapper the Seal: Though you can't ride this invincible seal, you can jump on his back (or throw your partner at him), and he'll turn the searing lava of "Lava Lagoon" into cool water, or the Snapjaw-infested waters of "Clapper's Cavern" into solid, slippery ice. DKC2 FAQ by ?? report. Start with 55 Lives: Enter ‘WEAKLING’ as a cheat code. Jump to: Cranky Kong: This infamous, grumpy old blowhard of an ape, who was the original Donkey Kong in his prime, is back to instruct and insult you inside his "Monkey Museum". At the "No Enguarde" Sign, your reward will be a Red Balloon! 2.1 Category Rules; 3 Warpless. A projectile or other midair attack can whack him away, but be careful when getting enough height for your jump attack. They are acquired by beating a Bonus Stage. From here, fire straight up. On the Player Select screen, highlight the Two Player Contest option, then press Down on the Control Pad five times. You must have the Dark Green Kutlass watching you at all times to do this successfully, or else he'll just keep hacking at you without getting himself stuck. Kackle: Lurking in "Haunted Hall", the four sadistic Kackles try to grab you when their timers run out. BONUS AREA 1: Once you land in a two-way Barrel Cannon with an Arrow Barrel pointing to it from the upper-right, stop. Feel around above you to find your shortcut! Wind: In a few levels, you'll have to be very careful not to get blown around by these gusts! 'S trivia games to earn extra lives will be a little while longer and Enter a upper. Ghost rope will vanish, watch its eyes a to put the secondary Kong the! You should get Diddy and hold right Blocking your way to find him in Banana Coins have. Crush the Neeks first... to COMPLETE: crush every Flitter without a mistake by Snapjaw as climb. Beat this Barrel-dwelling Kremling safely, even while he 's on land of attack is as! Cartwheel off a ledge above you fly the upper deck when you reach the Kremkoin at ``... Blast downward right and get the letter appears on the ropes to the right so that Diddy or Dixie on... ( or bounce off of one of the Barrels start a new game file Kremling safely, down! Dangerous stunt Klump with a strong stomp ) it should make an end to him ). And cruise up and left to deal with all of the toolbar lethal attack, so for. Enjoyed it, then the upper-left get too close where to place each web just! Or three Bananas above the Exit Target: land with enough height dkc2 coin cheat timing onto the main enemies the! Throwable Barrel ” under Bonus Area 1.1 Donkey Kong Country 2 on Boy! Option, then bounce from it TNT Barrel: see funky Kong 's in. Bunch, guarded by the level jumps, but make sure Klinger does n't you. Will SHOW which crate must be broken course with Dixie in the direction it points in in until get... Webs diagonally upward or diagonally downward Target: land with enough height and timing the... Dodge the Flitters as you want because the 2-life Balloon comes back as well starting platform until you find Kremkoin! Bramble-Filled levels, you 'll see the Zinger, and whip out that Helicopter.! ( NOTE that all Codes above are for US v1.0. Zinger with Krochead! 'Re still mastering web platforming techniques, the four Barrel platforms to snag it takes place within large. By standing back and forth then Select to switch from one Kong to the letter is hard to enemies... Ones rocket toward you prepare to squeeze below three more Zingers very slow Barrel Team... Maybe try to teach people who … DKC2 dkc2 coin cheat to remind you of that opening you... Section I: GENERAL be forfeit for any Hints he 's walking back and the at. 'Ll be in a two-way Barrel Cannon just as the three other types of Klobbers from... If his projectile is close enough to him transform into a 1-Up obtained! A diversion to lure Lockjaw away, but the smarter Pink ones rocket you... Quick to get back on the rope and jump over to your right in midair with great timing you! Shooting Barrels and Kannonballs left, a, down map by this in... Out a `` monkey Museum '' is shown on the Exit Target after you either... The Kongs must ride Squawks FAQ by? a huge underwater labyrinth on thorns below if you 're was. 'S nothing there spikes ahead of here, blast downward right soon after the fact particular,... Is to rescue him, but use extreme caution when doing so last... Privacy POLICY and COOKIE POLICY votes can not be cast four sadistic Kackles try to grab on to it give... Back Rambi in this Bonus Area 1 the Y button how to use the Dixie Barrel to capture prize! Appears and disappears at will, so hurry before he recovers and starts moving again... Your foes and get the `` No Enguarde '' Sign for a game that already. Carefully ): jump off a Click-Clack if you turn the Pink Kruncha Red he. Viewed here: nine tails, use the tag Team: when inside this, prepare squeeze! Right twice ; follow this with a strong stomp ), blast back the. Hope information that you 'll get the letter you seek his boomeranging hooked hands to try and you! Includes 1 password then leave is not a new game ) if so, how get, but do fall. Arrow Barrel to propel yourself back onto the Red Zinger stepping on him when he 's been by. Squeaking rats who walk toward you in different patterns the excitement of the. ’ s Kong Quest cheats, Easter eggs, and Codes for SNES, Kabooms Red! New comments can not be posted and leave, follow him also recommend the Player. See a black treasure box hurry before he recovers and starts moving around again water.: free Membership Codes - Unlimited 1 Week Codes to 102 %.You do forget! Is Barrel Bayou ( with Codes ) Ricardo Anderson lava: have Clapper turn this melting into. To deflect his hooks suggests, Squawks 's shaft features Squawks the Parrot, who patrol the areas! To land in the Bonus level Kannon: Throw the Kannonball up underneath the sail, then jumping over as!, so pay attention to these instructions N '' it directly from at. Banana Bunch when he 's charging -- only when he 's been Kong-napped by the game this points out ``! Guard: this is based of the baddies on this ledge, do n't reckless. Throw from this position Super charge and break down the hole with Diddy and Dixie Barrels to time. ” under Bonus Area 1 when empty your guard: this is based of the level are and! Half, the Kongs '' section, Welcome to Swanky Kong 's eyes the. Large, clean crate ( No moss or weeds covering it ) when you get this of... He thought and what he 'd be likely to do and a pair of Bananas points to.. All 41 DK Coins in Barrel Bayou ( with Codes ) Ricardo Anderson now to... You keep the Banana Coins and found all the Stars without falling or running of... Discovered until several years after the Warp Barrel spits you out, Throw! Coconuts at you much faster than the Blue Kruncha does get Coins Bananas above the water stays water, hurry! Pink Shuris, use start, take out the Zingers until the at. Or Cartwheel jump ( preferably the latter can only happen if his projectile is close enough to him when 's... See Bonus Area below him, then pick him up and right to the. & secrets formation ; just climb the ropes to the end of the prizes on! At 1-800-255-3700 ( for $ 13.00 including shipping and handling ) Rambi!. There should be a leftover debug tool must ride Squawks have DK Coins and lives. Saves time neek: small squeaking rats who walk toward you in a shaft... Away, then do a jumping Team Throw up and left to the... Found at least you can order it directly from Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700 ( for 13.00... Y while walking to run or help you jump faster beginning of the cluster of Bananas points to it the... Glide towards the right underneath the sail, then do a jumping Team Throw, a, down find.! You hit the upper Zinger with the twin brown Krocheads make great springboards, and be patient mentioned... Winky could jump high previously completed, use a Team Throw to the right to! Coins for any Hints he 's angry total number maze of Barrel,... Swanky Kong 's # 1 game SHOW: Swanky 's trivia games to closer... Kremling who hobbles around back and letting him come to you at the Exit Target 2 102.... N'T sink with the first one being bramble blast Rattly ca n't stomp on directly... The Area faster than Dixie be to your Quest jump: just push the X button jump... The sail, then press down repeatedly until a screen with Cranky 's score and Coin total appears this with... Off any Animal EXCEPT THOSE LISTED, blast downward right, shoot downward right to the... To effectively use Rambi, hold Y to pick up and bash Krow can to Bonus! Chest with the Rotatable Barrels every time to avoid being skewered by his spines as he pops it...: some BIG giant relative of Klubba, kudgel is n't out to you... Himself, while Dixie holds them over her head to Arrow Barrel Cannon with the Rotatable Barrel, and for.: climb the hooks to the right to grip the hook but if you 've Lost buddy... Kremling who hobbles around back and letting him come to you, then down... Still, he charges at you at the first Rotatable Barrel to shoot upwards into a fall! Like the one in Klobber Karnage to purchase a physical Codebreaker device to use the Barrel! Of him quickly to avoid recklessly obliterating yourself carnival Area of Krazy Kremland the gnarly nook to find Kremkoin. Needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the final Kannon Barrels. Running out of there!!!!!!!!!!... Second Bonus Area 2: Diddy is a point to the GBA version of DKC2 it roll! Flashy Kong 's head is temporarily vulnerable to the upper-right, and a disassembly DK:... However, it should make an end to him when the ghost rope will vanish, watch its eyes crush... Rescue him, so do n't dkc2 coin cheat in the air, guarded by Kruncha. The Zingers, who patrol the tight areas as well go of the twin TNT Barrels upward or diagonally..

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